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Aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal and incredibly long life expectancy of tile roofs, there are several other benefits of choosing this material over a less costly one. Though tile roofing may seem like a cumbersome expense; when installed in the right weather, it will last for a whole century. Traditionally, terracotta or slate were used in roofing tiles but now tiles use materials such as concrete or plastic to create a waterproof glaze. 

The heavy thermal mass of tiles will help regulate indoor temperatures. Tile roofs are made from earth minerals, not chemicals, and they can be pulverized and recycled when they are removed. They are also impervious to rot and insect damage, leak proof, low maintenance and can resist extreme weather conditions.

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How do you know if your roof needs repairs or if you could use a new tile roof installation?

You don’t have to get up on a ladder to check your roof for holes or missing shingles. Often, you can tell from the inside of your house. You probably need to call for roof repair services if you notice:

  • A drip in your attic.
  • Daylight coming through your attic ceiling.
  • Water stains on your ceiling or walls.

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