Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

We are in business for the long haul and that means making sure our customers are happy with our work. We don’t advertise much because we think our customers’ recommendations are better than any ad we could buy. Read our customers’ testimonials! We specialize in roofing, siding, decks and windows. We also do soffit and chimney repair, porches, gutters and roof vents. We do any kind of exterior work! Call us for your next project at 845-457-1560.

Why hire us?

Randy Muñoz, second generation owner of Hudson Valley Roofers Inc. explains,

“I was on the jobsite with my father when I was nine years old, picking up nails, doing anything, just to be there with him – and I learned the construction business from him. He worked hard all his life and built a reputation that was golden, and when he retired, I made it my goal to live up to his high standards: Do the job right the first time, be honest with customers, charge a fair price, and stand behind your work. I think my father would be proud of how we have maintained the reputation he worked so hard to establish.”